Strategic Partner for Compliance, IT & Business Projects

Elizaveta B. - KYC Monitoring Specialist

Expert in research, analytics, and legal assessments to fight Terrorism, Financial and Organized Crime. Multiple years of experience in the International Criminal Police Organization in the context of international security challenges.

Graduated with Master of International Security & Defence, Competitive Intelligence (Institute of Peace Studies and Development, Nice France) and Master of International Law (Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV University, Bordeaux France). Speaking English, French, Russian, Belarusian.

Core Competencies

  • Legal & Compliance
  • Research & Analysis of business partner and crime data
  • Business intelligence / data analytics
  • Strategic and legal change monitoring
  • Open source intelligence
  • Web monitoring tools, e.g. WorldCheck, DowJones Factiva


  • Criminal Intelligence Analysis
  • Open Source Intelligence in Investigations
  • Bioterrorism Incident Pre-Planning and Response
  • Cooperation with International Criminal Courts (INTERPOL)
  • International Legal Framework against CBRN Terrorism (UNODC)
  • The EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report
  • OSINT & Counterterrorism, Sources of terrorist financing (CEPOL Webinars)
  • Know Your Customer, Customer Risk Classification (ACAMS)
  • Anti Money Laundering / Economic Sanctions (ACAMS)


  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Cross-cultural adaptability
  • Stress tolerance
  • Team player with diplomacy and tact
  • Member of Young Auditors’ National Association of the French Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence (ANAJ-IHEDN)

Recent project experience

Legal Analyst

2018/11 - 2021/02

  • Bioterrorism Prevention Unit at INTERPOL (BTPU) & Notices & Diffusions Task Force at INTERPOL (NDTF)
  • Conducted open sources research and analysis on a high number of incoming requests for Notices and Diffusions related to individuals, terrorist groups and criminal cases
  • Conduct research on bioterrorism, agro & biocrime, dual-use equipment, COVID-19 impact on terrorism and law enforcement work
  • Conducted legal research on terrorism, financing of terrorism, international humanitarian law and financial crimes
  • Performed quality control and legal compliance of Notices & Diffusions with legal criteria
  • Elaborate outreach materials on COVID-19 protective measures for law enforcement
  • Plan, prepare and organize international expert meetings and workshops
  • Performed quality control and legal compliance of Notices & Diffusions with legal criteria
  • Used advanced search applications, such as WorldCheck and specialized databases, to conduct research on pending requests
  • Conducted verifications of open sources checks, previously done by other staff members, in serious or problematic cases
  • Designed Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) guidelines for quality and legal review of Notices and Diffusions; delivered demonstration and training to staff members on the use of the Guidelines
  • Designed and implemented a questionnaire on the operational use of Blue Notices and diffusions through the innovative Lime Survey application. Provided initial analytical report and coordinated the drafting of the final analytical report of the survey

Analyst Business Intelligence

2018/03 – 2018/09

  • The French Riviera Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Performed strategic and legal monitoring, benchmarking for startups: define sources to monitor, check credibility and relevance of open sources information, analyze received information
  • Support clients in anticipating risks and challenges in their business environment via open sources research and monitoring activity
  • Conducted open sources research and monitoring for Competitive Intelligence and Innovation Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Developed and launched cybersecurity education and awareness campaign
  • Elaborated and implemented cybersecurity audit for small and medium size businesses
  • Organized Cybersecurity Conference (+100 participants from academia, public and private sectors, law enforcement)