Management – the people behind WIACON

Andreas Winde

Managing Partner
Designer and traveller

  • Master of Business Administration (insurance business). Expert on automation, operationalization and the implementation of complex mechanisms, focusing on innovative processes and sustainable solutions. Team leader with a hands-on mentality, a vision and a spirit of innovation. Analytical, appreciative, inspiring, motivating.
  • 20+ years of experience in project management for transnational corporations and medium-sized companies, with focus on assurances and banking. Successes: Numerous successfully implemented and completed large-scale projects, occupying various executive positions, such as project manager rollout manager, senior business analyst or product owner (according to SCRUM). Business coach for process analysis (BPM) and project management.

Sophie Winde

Links people and ideas with passion

  • Majored in psychology, specializing in business psychology. Expert on human resource management and sustainable staff development, as well as staff leadership and recruitment of high performers and specialists. Empathetic, communicative, motivated, enthusiastic.
  • 10 years of experience in collaboration, strategic personnel development and sales – among others as visiting associate with Boston Consulting Group and account manager in one of the world’s largest recruiter for engineers. For WIACON being responsible for HR and Compliance.

Houman Medghalchi

Cosmopolitan, unconventional thinker, Harley rider

  • Majored in physics and business administration. Specialist in portfolio analysis and experienced expert in sustainable business transformation with special focus on innovative strategies in digitalization. Methodologically linking substantial and digital worlds. Analytical, agile, decisive, captivating.
  • 25+ years of experience in project management. Successes: Working as lead business analyst, auditor, portfolio analyst, workstream lead and other executive positions in multiple successfully implemented and completed large-scale projects, especially in finance, IT and assurances