How we work: our value-added chain

WIACON operates cross-sectionally and transnationally, while methodologically linking the offline and online world. Through the intelligent use of data and analysis procedures we add considerable value to your businesses and obtain a significant rise in efficiency.


In the beginning, we always compile a detailed analysis of the current state of business: How are current processes, products and solutions designed? What is going well? Are there any gaps, issues, problems or risks? What is the current market situation? How do we compare to competitors?

Strategy and proof of concept

In a second step we design a concept of our customer’s desired condition/ target state. We define distinct objectives and milestones, calculate costs, outline mayor challenges and – right from the beginning – consider the possible impact for those affected by change.

Implementation & Go-Live

Once a detailed rollout plan has been developed, we – as project lead and/or project management team – ensure a smooth and timely implementation and realization of the new processes.

Transition to commerce operations

After a final bug fix, we systematically transition all processes and solutions to commerce operations. Additional individual trainings of employees in authority alongside an extensive documentation will ensure a proper transition, with no further questions left.

Change management

During run mode, the need for further optimization can be met without further ado. This means: In case of a need for change management, we will continue to closely accompany the change management process of your business endeavors.