Shaping the future together

Changes in the workplace environment happen at a rapid speed. More than ever, it is certain that a standstill means regression. In a steady changing world, companies often have to become more agile and flexible and meet structural problems with a strategic vision. These critieria cannot always be met with an inside perspective at things; instead they should rather be looked at from the outside, thus accelerating change.  

Creating added value

As expert in strategic process changes, WIACON accompanies and advises customers with respect to the implantation of a successful business strategy – be it overall project management, process analysis, rollout or interim management. Our main focus is advanced analytics, optimization of complex processes while taking into consideration the implications of digital transformation and innovation always in the context of human capital. We know about our customers’ and partners’ current focuses – and more importantly – address and solve their future concerns.

Changing structures with competence

WIACON team members can draw competence from 25 years of project management expertise. WIACON stands for customized strategies; we are curious, analytical, flexible and most of all: human.

As a result, we do not focus on numbers and reporting entirely, but put the human being into the center of our reflections. What is his/her position in an increasingly growing digitalized world? How do you incorporate modern workplace concepts in a meaningful way? How do structural changes manifest themselves, and how do you prevent frustration and the loss of motivation?

Whenever we present new approaches towards solving a problem, whenever we establish new processes, these and many other questions are always on our minds! We will accompany you on your path to a successful change in structure, right from the start and until the very end.

Putting human in focus


To optimize processes is often regarded as digitalizing processes. Yet, what matters most is to turn skeptical employees into supporters. Based on large-scale data analyses we accompany your digital transformation process while gaining and strengthen employee’s approval towards changes in the workplace.


More self-responsibility, less working and commuting time, more spare-time and vocational training opportunities; These qualities not only valued by nowadays young talents. Work-life balance has become one of the most decisive key factors of the job market. That is why we escort you and your employees on the path to satisfaction.

Anti Money Laundering, Economic Sanctions

Regulations and statutory requirements in dealing with economic sanctions and money laundering have become stricter and more consequent. AI may help and support processes to meet statutory requirements – yet, won’t substitute the necessity of human beings. We advise you in regard to finding suitable tools, including all relevant aspects and necessary data and teach you in analyzing your findings appropriately.

New work

We experience a shift away from the classic 9 to 5 job towards a more flexible and innovative working environment which is already actively demanded by employees. Be it leadership without direct control or trust-based working hours: We implement new ways of working, thus gaining a greater contentment amongst employees, more sustainability and efficiency.

Migration & rollouts

In order to accomplish a successful structural change, WIACON questions the current system and renews or extends processes and structures. Structural changes may lead to a temporary state of disturbance. To us a vital part of change management is transparency in communication, especially with those employees affected.

Analyses with a vision

Business and cross-section processes, technical processes, data flows – analyses are our personal mission. Based on it, we optimize processes and structures which in turn often strongly affects employees – a company’s most valuable assets. It’s their responsibilities, functions and needs we take into consideration, right from the beginning.